1 Samuel 14:32

1 Samuel 14:32

And the people flew upon the spoil
Like a swift and ravenous bird, as the eagle, and which seems to have its name in Greek from this word, see ( Isaiah 46:11 ) . When the evening was come, and they were free from the oath of Saul, and being extremely hungry, faint, and weary, they were even ravenous for food and with the greatest haste and eagerness laid hold on what came first to hand:

and took sheep, and oxen, and calves, and slew [them] on the ground;
and there they lay in their blood, which in such a position would not run out freely as when slain and hang up:

and the people did eat them with the blood;
they were so hungry they could not stay the dressing of them, but ate them raw with the blood in them, not being squeezed or drained out, at least not half boiled or roasted. Some of the Jewish Rabbins F1 are of opinion


F1 See Jarchi in loc.