2 Chronicles 24:25

2 Chronicles 24:25

And when they were departed from him
Having got what wealth and spoil they could:

for they left him in great diseases;
through the wounds they gave him, and the distress they brought him into:

his own servants conspired against him, for the blood of the sons of
Jehoiada the priest;
for perhaps more than one was slain at the same time; the rest vindicating the cause of their brother, shared the same fate; or the plural is put for the singular:

and slew him on his bed;
in the house of Millo, where he lay ill of his wounds, and sick of his diseases, and could not defend himself:

and he died:
of the wounds his servants gave him:

and they buried him in the city of David, but they buried him not in
the sepulchres of the kings;
see ( 2 Kings 12:21 ) .