This chapter relates Sennacherib's invasion of the land of Judah, the
preparations Hezekiah made to resist him, and the encouragement he
gave his people to trust in the Lord, \\#2Ch 32:1-8\\ the messages
and letters Sennacherib sent to Hezekiah and his subjects, full of
arrogance and blasphemy, to solicit them to deliver up Jerusalem to
him, \\#2Ch 32:9-19\\ the destruction of his army by an angel, and
the deliverance of the Jews at the prayers of Hezekiah and Isaiah,
\\#2Ch 32:20-23\\ the sin Hezekiah fell into after this, and his
recovery from a fit of illness; but, upon his humiliation for it,
wrath was averted, \\#2Ch 32:24-26\\ and the chapter is concluded
with an account of his honours, riches, and exploits, and of his
death and burial, \\#2Ch 32:27-33\\.