This chapter records the reigns of the four kings of Judah, and the
captivity of the Jews, the short reign of Jehoahaz, deposed by the
king of Egypt, and his brother Eliakim or Jehoiakim set up in his
room, \\#2Ch 36:1-4\\, the reign of Jehoiakim, who was bound
and carried away by Nebuchadnezzar, \\#2Ch 36:5-8\\, the reign
of Jehoiachin his son, who also in a short time was taken and carried
to Babylon by the same king, \\#2Ch 36:9,10\\, the reign of
Zedekiah, who also rebelled against the king of Babylon, and
he and his people were taken and carried captive by him for his sins,
which are here mentioned, according to the prophecy of Jeremiah, and
where the Jews continued until the reign of the kingdom of Persia,
\\#2Ch 36:11-21\\ and the chapter is concluded with the proclamation
of Cyrus king of Persia, and with which also the next book begins,
\\#2Ch 36:22,23\\.

\\Josiah\\ Of whose reign, and of the three following, Jehoiakim,
Jehoiachin, and Zedekiah, and the account of them, from hence to the
end of \\#2Ch 36:13\\, what needs explanation or reconciliation,
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