2 Samuel 1:10

2 Samuel 1:10

So I stood upon him, and slew him
Pressed with all his weight upon his body, that so the spear might pierce through him, and slay him; thus he represents his death to be brought about:

because I was sure that he could not live after that he was fallen;
this is not consistent with what he had said before, both that he was leaning on his spear, and not fallen to the ground, and that his life was whole in him:

and I took the crown that [was] upon his head;
which made him conspicuous, and therefore the Philistines aimed at him, and pressed hard after him, ( 2 Samuel 1:6 ) ; though some think that this was not on his head, but carried into the field of battle, ready to be put on if victory was on his side; and others say it was in the possession and care of Doeg, who at his death gave it to his son to carry to David, and thereby gain his favour:

and the bracelet that [was] on his arm;
of gold no doubt, so Josephus {i}; such as great personages used to wear, men as well as women, see ( Genesis 38:18 ) ( Ezekiel 23:42 ) , especially military men F11. Jarchi takes them to be the "totaphot" or phylacteries on the arm, which is not probable:

and have brought them hither unto my lord;
as ensigns of royalty, fit only for a king, Saul's successor, as this person, by calling him lord, owned him to be, and thought by bringing those to him to be highly he neared and rewarded.


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