2 Samuel 1:23

2 Samuel 1:23

Saul and Jonathan [were] lovely and pleasant in their lives,
&c.] To one another, had no quarrel or difference with each other, only on the account of David; otherwise they agreed together in the court, and in the camp, in their councils, and in their conduct:

and in their death they were not divided;
neither from the people, nor from one another; Jonathan stuck close by his father to the last; which is observed to clear him from any imputation of conspiracy against him:

they were swifter than eagles;
in the quick dispatch of business, in hasting to the relief of the distressed, as Saul to the men of Jabeshgilead, and in the pursuit of their enemies, as of the Philistines, more than once:

they were stronger than lions;
fighting with their enemies, who became an case prey to them; and what is stronger than a lion among beasts? ( Judges 14:18 ) ( Proverbs 30:30 ) ; or swifter than an eagle among birds, which is said to cut the air with its wings F24?


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