2 Samuel 13:15

2 Samuel 13:15

Then Amnon hated her exceedingly
Having gratified his lust, his conscience stung him for it, that he could not bear the sight of the object that had been the instrument of it; and it may be the sharp words she had used, representing him as one of the fools in Israel, and perhaps she used sharper words still after he had abused her, filled him with hatred to her:

so that the hatred wherewith he hated her [was] greater than the love
wherewith he had loved her;
a like instance of love being changed into hatred, after the gratification of lust, we have in Honorius towards his sister Placidia F2:

and Amnon said unto her, arise, be gone;
without calling her by her name, or owning the relation she bore to him, using her as the basest and vilest of creatures. This conduct was very brutish, as well as imprudent, and foolish to the last degree; had he had any regard to his own reputation, he would never have turned her out of doors so soon, and in such a public manner; but so it was ordered by divine Providence, that his sin might be made known, and so the murder of him for it by Absalom was brought on, and both were suffered as a correction and chastisement to David for his sins of adultery and murder, ( 2 Samuel 12:11 ) .


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