2 Samuel 21:15

2 Samuel 21:15

Moreover the Philistines had yet war again with Israel
Besides what is before recorded in this and the preceding book; being animated to it partly by the number of giants among them, and partly by the decline of David's life, and it may be chiefly by the insurrections and rebellions in Israel; though some think that these battles were not after the rebellions of Absalom and Sheba, and the affair of the Gibeonites, though here recorded; but before, and quickly after the war with the Ammonites, next to which they are placed in ( 1 Chronicles 20:1-8 ) ; but they seem to be placed here in their proper order:

and David went down, and his servants with him;
to the borders of the Philistines, perceiving they were preparing to make war against him:

and fought against the Philistines;
engaged in a battle with them:

and David waxed faint;
in the battle, not able to bear the fatigues of war, and wield his armour as he had used, being in the decline of life; after he had been engaged a while, his spirits began to fail, not through fear, but through feebleness; but, according to Josephus, it was through weariness in pursuing the enemy put to flight, which the following person perceived, and turned upon him F25.


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