In this chapter we are told that David fetched the ark from Baale of
Judah, with an intent to bring it to his own city, \\#2Sa 6:1-5\\; but
Uzzah being smitten for his error concerning it, David was displeased,
and left it at the house of Obededom, where it remained three months,
and proved a blessing to his house, \\#2Sa 6:6-11\\; which David hearing
of, went and brought it from thence with great expressions of joy
before it as it came along, and offered offerings to the Lord at the
setting it in its place, and gave gifts to the people, \\#2Sa 6:12-19\\;
but Michal his wife was displeased with some of his gestures on that
occasion, which made some difference between them, and which, on
Michal's part, was resented by the Lord himself; for she became barren
for it to the time of her death, \\#2Sa 6:20-23\\.