Acts 14:21

Acts 14:21

And when they had preached the Gospel to that city
To the inhabitants of it, as they did in every place where they came, even the pure Gospel of Christ, the good news, and glad tidings of life and salvation by him:

and had taught many;
or made them disciples, their ministry being blessed to bring many to the faith of Christ:

they returned again to Lystra;
where Paul had been stoned:

and to Iconium;
where both Jews and Gentiles, and the magistrates of the city, had attempted to use them ill, and to stone them:

and Antioch;
that is, in Pisidia, as before; where a persecution was raised against them, and from the coasts of which place they were expelled; so fearless were they of danger, and so zealous to promote the interest of Christ, and the good of souls.