Acts 5:40

Acts 5:40

And to him they agreed
They were convinced and persuaded by his reasonings, approved of his advice, and agreed to follow it:

and when they had called the apostles;
into the council again, having sent their servants for them, or ordered them to be brought in:

and beaten them;
or scourged and whipped them with forty stripes save one, whereby was fulfilled what Christ had foretold, ( Matthew 10:17 )

they commanded they should not speak in the name of Jesus;
as they had strictly commanded them before, ( Acts 4:18 ) . Perhaps both in this, as well as in bearing the apostles, they did not closely attend to Gamaliel's counsel, who advised them to keep their hands off of them, and not hinder them, but let them alone in what they were about: but this might be thought by them not to their reputation, nor sufficiently asserting their authority, to dismiss them, without saying or doing anything to them:

and let them go;
from the council to their own company: they released them, and loosed them from their bonds; they set them at liberty, and let them go where they would; and so far they followed Gamaliel's advice.