Acts 7:34

Acts 7:34

I have seen, I have see the affliction of my people,
&c] The repetition of the phrase denotes the certainty of it, the exquisite and exact knowledge the Lord took of the affliction of his people, and how much his heart was affected with it:

which is in Egypt;
from whence Moses had fled and had left them, he being now in the land of Midian, which was the place of his sojourning: and

I have heard their groaning;
under their various oppressions and burdens, and by reason of the cruel usage of their taskmasters:

and am come down to deliver them;
not by local motion, or change of place, God being omnipresent, who fills all places at all times; but by the effects of his grace and power.

And now come, I will send thee into Egypt;
to Pharaoh, the king of it, ( Exodus 3:10 ) to require of him to let the children of Israel go, and to deliver them out of their bondage.