This chapter contains the fifth and last vision the prophet saw; which
represents the certain desolation of the land, city, and temple, and
the slaughter of all sorts of persons, high and low, none should escape
it, \\#Am 9:1\\; be they where they would, they should be found out,
whether in hell or heaven, on the tops of the highest mountains, or in
the bottom of the sea, or in a foreign land, since the eyes of the Lord
were upon them for evil, \\#Am 9:2-4\\; nor could they hope to escape, when
they considered his greatness and his power, and what he could do, and
had done; and how they had behaved towards him, even though they were
the people he had brought out of Egypt, \\#Am 9:5-7\\; but though the sinful
kingdom should be destroyed, yet not utterly, a remnant should be saved,
\\#Am 9:8-10\\; and the chapter is concluded with gracious promises of
raising up the tabernacle of David fallen down, and of the return of the
people of Israel to their own land; and of their settlement and
continuance in it, never more to depart from it, \\#Am 9:11-15\\.