In this chapter the angel makes good his promise to Daniel, that he
would show him what was written in the Scripture of truth, concerning
the monarchies of the earth, and what would befall his people the Jews
in the latter days; and after he had observed that he had strengthened
and confirmed Darius the Mede, who was the first king of the then
present flourishing monarchy, \\#Da 11:1\\, he foretells the number of the
kings of Persia, and particularly describes the fourth, \\#Da 11:2\\
predicts the rise of the Grecian monarchy under Alexander the great, and
the disposition of it after his death, \\#Da 11:3,4\\ and then proceeds to
give an account of the two principal kingdoms of that monarchy, into
which it was divided, the Seleucidae and Lagidae; and of their kings,
the king of Egypt, and the king of Syria, under the names of the king of
the south, and the king of the north, and of their power and agreement,
\\#Da 11:5,6\\ and then of their various wars between themselves and others,
and the success of them, \\#Da 11:7-20\\, and particularly of Antiochus, his
character and manner of coming to the kingdom, and of his wars with the
king of Egypt, and the issue of them, \\#Da 11:21-29\\ and of his
persecution of the Jews, and the distress he should bring on them, and
the use it should be of to the godly among them, \\#Da 11:30-35\\, and then
his antitype, antichrist, is described; the western antichrist, his
character and actions, \\#Da 11:36-39\\ then the eastern, his power, wealth
and riches, hail and rain, \\#Da 11:40-45\\.