This chapter begins with an account of a time of exceeding great trouble
to the people of God, who are comforted with the consideration of
Michael the great Prince being on their side, and with a promise of
deliverance, with the resurrection of the dead, and the glorious state
of wise and good men upon that, \\#Da 12:1-3\\, and Daniel is ordered to
shut up and seal the book of the prophecy, until a time when it should
be better understood, \\#Da 12:4\\, next follows a question put by an angel
to Christ, and his answer to it, with respect to the time of the fulfilment
of those wonderful events, \\#Da 12:5-7\\. Daniel, not understanding what
he heard, asks what would be the end of those things, \\#Da 12:8\\ in answer
to which he is bid to be content with what he knew; no alteration would
be among men; things would be neither better nor worse with them,
\\#Da 12:9,10\\, a time is fixed for the accomplishment of all,
\\#Da 12:11,12\\, and it is promised him that he should have rest after
death, and rise again, and have his lot and share with the blessed,
\\#Da 12:13\\.