This chapter begins with an intimation of another covenant the Lord was
about to make with the people of Israel, \\#De 29:1\\; and, to prepare
their minds to an attention to it, various things which the Lord had
done for them are recited, \\#De 29:2-9\\; the persons are particularly
mentioned with whom the covenant would now be made, the substance of
which is, that they should be his people, and he their God,
\\#De 29:10-15\\; and since they had seen the idols in Egypt and other
countries, with which they might have been ensnared, they are cautioned
against idolatry and idolaters, as being most provoking to the Lord,
\\#De 29:16-21\\; which would bring destruction not only on particular
persons, but upon their whole land, to the amazement of posterity; who,
inquiring the reason of it, will be told, it was because they forsook
the covenant of God, and particularly were guilty of idolatry, which,
whether privately or openly committed, would be always punished,
\\#De 29:22-29\\.