In this chapter Moses, after a short preface, \\#De 5:1-5\\, repeats
the law of the decalogue, or ten commands, with some little variation,
\\#De 5:6-21\\, and then reminds the Israelites of the terrible manner
in which it was delivered to them, \\#De 5:22,23\\ which put them upon
making a request that Moses might be a mediator between God and them,
and hear what the Lord had to say, and report it to them; to which they
promised obedience, \\#De 5:24-27\\ and which being agreeable to the
Lord was granted, \\#De 5:28-31\\, and this laid them under a greater
obligation to observe the commands of God, and keep them, \\#De 5:32,33\\.