Esther 7:5

Esther 7:5

Then the King Ahasuerus answered and said unto Esther the
The words in the original text lie thus, "and the King Ahasuerus said, and he said to Esther the queen"; which doubling of the word does not signify, as Jarchi suggests, that before he spoke to her by a messenger, or middle person, but, now he knew she was of a royal family, he spoke to her himself; but it is expressive of the ruffle of his mind, and the wrath and fury he was in, that he said it again and again, with a stern countenance and great vehemence of speech:

who is he? and where is he?
who is the man? and where does he live?

that durst presume in his heart to do so;
that has boldness, impudence, and courage enough to perpetrate so vile an action: or "that has filled his heart" F9; the devil no doubt filled his heart to do it, see ( Acts 5:3 ) , but the king had either forgot the decree he had granted, and the countenance he had given him to execute it; or, if he remembered it, he was now enraged that he should be drawn in to such an action by him; and perhaps till now was ignorant of Esther's descent, and knew not that she would be involved in the decree.


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