Exodus 16:22

Exodus 16:22

And it came to pass, that on the sixth day
Of the week, or from the first raining of the manna, which was the same:

they gathered twice as much bread;
as they had used to do on other days, a greater quantity falling, and which was more easily taken up:

two omers for one man;
or, "instead of one" F20 of one omer; so it turned out when they came to measure what they had gathered; otherwise they had no intention in gathering it, but lying in a great quantity, they gathered as much as they could, or could well carry, and upon measuring it so it proved; for it does not appear that Moses had as yet acquainted them what was to be, or would be gathered on this day; nor had he any orders so to do from the Lord, only he was told by him that so it would be, and accordingly it came to pass, see ( Exodus 16:5 )

and all the rulers of the congregation came and told Moses;
what had happened, that the people that day had gathered as much more as they had used to do on other days: these seem to be the overseers of this affair, before whom what was gathered was brought, and in whose presence it was measured, and who took care that everyone should have his omer and no more: this makes it plain that the people acted without design, and knew not that they were to gather on this day double to other days; since the rulers knew nothing of it, nor of the reason of it, and it can hardly be imagined that the people should know and the rulers be ignorant.


F20 (dxal) "pro uno", Tigurine version.