This chapter begins with an account of the journeying of the children
of Israel from Elim to the wilderness of Sin, where they murmured for
want of bread, \\#Ex 16:1-3\\, when the Lord told Moses that he would
rain bread from heaven for them, which Moses informed them of; and
withal, that the Lord took notice of their murmurings, \\#Ex 16:4-12\\
which promise the Lord fulfilled; and a description of the bread, and
the name of it, are given, \\#Ex 16:13-15\\, and some instructions are
delivered out concerning the quantity of it to be gathered,
\\#Ex 16:16-18\\, the time of gathering and keeping it, \\#Ex 16:19-21\\,
the gathering a double quantity on the sixth day for that and the seventh
day, with the reason of it, \\#Ex 16:22-30\\ and a further description
of it, \\#Ex 16:31\\, and an order to preserve an omer of it in a pot,
to be kept for generations to come, that it might be seen by them,
\\#Ex 16:32-34\\, and the chapter is concluded with observing, that
this bread was ate by the Israelites forty years, even till they came
to the borders of the land of Canaan, and the quantity they ate every
day is observed what it was, \\#Ex 16:35,36\\.