This chapter relates the birth of Moses, and his preservation in an
ark of bulrushes, \\#Ex 2:1-3\\. His being found by Pharaoh's
daughter, took up, and put out to nurse by her, and adopted for her
son, \\#Ex 2:4-10\\, some exploits of his when grown up, taking the
part of an Hebrew against an Egyptian whom he slew, and endeavouring
to reconcile two Hebrews at variance, when one of them reproached him
with slaying the Egyptian, \\#Ex 2:11-14\\, which thing being known to
Pharaoh, he sought to slay Moses, and this obliged him to flee to
Midian, \\#Ex 2:15\\ where he met with the daughters of Reuel, and
defended them against the shepherds, and watered their flocks for
them, \\#Ex 2:16,17\\, which Reuel being informed of, sent for him,
and he lived with him, and married his daughter Zipporah, by whom he
had a son, \\#Ex 2:18-22\\ and the chapter is concluded with the death
of the king of Egypt, and the sore bondage of the Israelites, and
their cries and groans, which God had a respect unto, \\#Ex 2:23-25\\.

was Amram, the son of Kohath, and grandson of Levi, as appears from
\\#Ex 6:18,20\\

\\and took to wife a daughter of Levi\\; one of the same house, family, or
tribe; which was proper, that the tribes might be kept distinct: this
was Jochebed, said to be his father's sister, \\see Gill on "Ex 6:20"\\:
her name in Josephus {s} is Joachebel, which seems to be no other than
a corruption of Jochebed, but in the Targum in \\#1Ch 4:18\\ she is
called Jehuditha.

{s} Antiqu. l. 2. c. 9. sect. 4.