Exodus 22:12

Exodus 22:12

And if it be stolen from him
Or "but if" F24 it was taken away by theft; and that "from with him" F25, as it may be literally rendered, from among his own cattle, and they not taken; and he being present, pretending to have an eye upon them and keep them, but was careless and negligent, at least, if he did not connive at the theft:

he shall make restitution to the owner thereof;
for in such a case there was ground for suspicion of fraud; however, there was apparent carelessness, and it was but just he should make restitution, since he had hire or wages for keeping it; which is the reason Aben Ezra gives for it, and is suggested by the Targum of Jonathan; which adds to the former clause, by way of explanation,

``that which was with him to be kept for a reward.''


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F25 (wmem) "e cum eo", Montanus.