Exodus 32:6

Exodus 32:6

And they rose up early in the morning
Being eager of, and intent upon their idol worship:

and offered burnt offerings;
upon the altar Aaron had made, where they were wholly consumed:

and brought peace offerings:
which were to make a feast to the Lord, and of which they partook:

and the people sat down to eat and to drink;
as at a feast:

and rose up to play;
to dance and sing, as was wont to be done by the Egyptians in the worship of their Apis or Ox; and Philo the Jew says F6, of the Israelites, that having made a golden ox, in imitation of the Egyptian Typho, he should have said Osiris, for Typho was hated by the Egyptians, being the enemy of Osiris; they sung and danced: the Targums of Jonathan and Jerusalem interpret it of idolatry; some understand this of their lewdness and uncleanness, committing fornication as in the worship of Peor, taking the word in the same sense as used by Potiphar's wife, ( Genesis 39:14 Genesis 39:17 ) (See Gill on 1 Corinthians 10:7).


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