This chapter informs us, that the Lord refusing to go with the people,
only sending an angel with them, they are filled with concern, and
troubled, \\#Ex 33:1-6\\. Moses upon this pitched the tabernacle
without the camp, where everyone that sought the Lord went; Moses
entered into it himself, and the Lord talked to him in a friendly
manner in the cloudy pillar that stood at the door of it, and the
people worshipped, every man at his own tent door; all which foreboded
good, and tended to reconciliation, \\#Ex 33:7-11\\. Moses improved the
opportunity, and entreats the presence of God to go with them, which
was granted, \\#Ex 33:12-17\\ and that he might have a sight of the
glory of God; and this is promised to pass before him, he being put
into the cleft of the rock, \\#Ex 33:18-23\\.