Exodus 35:11

Exodus 35:11

The tabernacle
Which is not a general name for the whole, the court, the holy place, and the holy of holies; but designs the ten fine linen curtains curiously wrought; or the under curtains, as Jarchi expresses it, which were within:

his tent;
the curtains of goats' hair, which were a covering over the others, and were made for a roof of the tabernacle, as the same writer observes:

and his covering;
the covering for the tent, which was made of rams' skins, and badgers' skins:

his taches;
which clasped, coupled the curtains together, both the one and the other; the one sort were of silver, and the other of brass:

and his boards, his bars, his pillars;
which were all of shittim wood; the boards were the walls of the tabernacle, the bars which kept them tight together, and the pillars were those on which the hanging of the door of the tent, and on which the vail that divided between the holy of holies, were hung; of all which, see ( Exodus 26:1-37 ) (See Gill on Exodus 26:1) &c. to end of chapter:

and his sockets;
which were of silver, into which the boards were let and fastened, see ( Exodus 26:19 )