Exodus 38:28

Exodus 38:28

And of the thousand seven hundred seventy five [shekels],
&c.] Which remained of the sum collected, ( Exodus 38:25 ) after the silver sockets were cast:

he made hooks for the pillars:
on each side of the court of the tabernacle on which the hangings were hung; these hooks, as Kimchi says {t}, were in the form of the letter (w) , and were made to hang the sacrifices upon, when they took their skins off; and so it is said in the Misnah F21, that there were iron hooks fixed in the walls and pillars, on which they hung (the passover lambs) and skinned them; this was done in the second temple, when the hooks, it seems, were iron, but those of the tabernacle were silver:

and overlaid their chapiters, and filleted them;
that is, overlaid the heads, tops, or knobs of the pillars with silver plates, and filleted, girded, or hooped other parts of them with silver.


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