The Lord encourages Moses to hope for success from his name Jehovah,
and the covenant he had made with the fathers of his people,
\\#Ex 6:1-5\\, orders him to assure the children of Israel that he would
deliver them from their bondage and burdens, and bring them into the
land of Canaan; but through their distress and anguish they hearkened
not to him, \\#Ex 6:6-9\\ but Moses is sent again to Pharaoh to demand
the dismission of Israel, to which he seems unwilling, and both he
and Aaron are charged both to go to the children of Israel, and to
Pharaoh, \\#Ex 6:10-13\\, next follows a genealogy of the tribes of
Reuben, Simeon, and Levi, which seems to be given for the sake of
Moses and Aaron, and to show their descent, \\#Ex 6:14-15\\, who were
the persons appointed of God to be the instruments of bringing the
children of Israel out of Egypt, \\#Ex 6:26-30\\.