In this chapter are contained a summary of the works of creation on
the six days, and God's resting from his works on the seventh day,
and the sanctification of that, \\#Ge 2:1-4\\ and an account of
various things relating to several parts of the creation enlarged on
and explained, and of various circumstances omitted in the preceding
chapter, which could not so well be taken notice of there; as of a
mist arising out of the earth, which watered the herbs and plants
before there was any rain to fall upon them, or a man to cultivate
them, \\#Ge 2:5,6\\ and of the matter and manner of man's formation,
\\#Ge 2:7\\ and of the planting of the garden of Eden, and the trees
that were in it, and the rivers that watered it, and sprung from it,
and the course they steered, the countries they washed, and what
those countries abounded with, \\#Ge 2:8-14\\ of man's being put into
it to dress it, and keep it, and of the grant he had to eat of the
fruit of any of the trees in it, excepting one, which was forbidden
under a penalty of death, \\#Ge 2:15-17\\ and of all the creatures,
beasts and fowls, being brought to him, to give them names,
\\#Ge 2:18-20\\ and of God's providing an help meet for him, and
forming Eve out of one of his ribs, and of their marriage together,
and the institution of marriage, \\#Ge 2:21-24\\ and the chapter is
concluded with observing the present state and circumstances of our
first parents before they fell, \\#Ge 2:25\\.