In this chapter we are informed, that Isaac, being old and dim sighted,
sent for Esau to get him venison, that he might eat of it, and bless
him before he died, \\#Ge 27:1-4\\; that Rebekah hearing of this formed a
scheme for Jacob to get the blessing before him, which she communicated
to Jacob, to which he at first objected, but afterwards complied,
\\#Ge 27:5-17\\; and also how that he succeeded in the attempt, and got the
blessing from his brother, \\#Ge 27:18-29\\; and that this was confirmed to
him by his father, even when his mistake was discovered upon Esau's
coming, \\#Ge 27:30-33\\; which occasioned a most bitter cry in Esau, a
severe reflection on his brother, and an earnest expostulation with his
father for a blessing, which he obtained, \\#Ge 27:34-40\\; the consequence
of this were hatred in Esau to Jacob, and an intention to kill him,
which Rebekah hearing of, advised Jacob to flee to her brother Laban,
\\#Ge 27:41-45\\; and to facilitate this, complains to Isaac of Esau's
wives, and suggests, that should Jacob marry among the same people, it
would add to the distress of their lives; and therefore hints it to
him, that it was necessary and proper he should go to her family for a
wife, \\#Ge 27:46\\; and whether Isaac sent him, as the following chapter