In this chapter the history returns to Joseph again, who being brought
down to Egypt was sold to Potiphar, with whom he found favour, and who
set him over his house, the Lord prospering everything in his hands,
\\#Ge 39:1-6\\; and being a young man of a comely aspect, his mistress
lusted after him, and tempted him to lie with her from time to time,
but he as constantly refused it, as being both ingratitude to his
master, and a sin against God, \\#Ge 39:7-10\\; at a certain time they
being alone in the house, she renewed her solicitations, and laid hold
on his garment, which he left in her hand and fled, \\#Ge 39:11,12\\; upon
which she called to her servants without, and accused Joseph of an ill
design upon her, and reported the same to her husband when he came
home, \\#Ge 39:13-19\\; upon which his master put him into prison, but he
found favour also with the keeper of it, who committed the prisoners
and all things relative to them into his hands, \\#Ge 39:20-23\\.