This chapter contains an account of Joseph's making himself known to
his brethren, which was done when they were alone, \\#Ge 45:1-4\\; when he
encouraged them not to distress themselves on account of their selling
him into Egypt, for God in his providence had sent him there for their
good, \\#Ge 45:5-8\\; and he ordered them to go forthwith to Canaan, and
acquaint his father with all the honour and glory they saw him in, and
to desire him to come thither to him, where he should be provided for
during the five years of famine yet to come, in the best part of the
land of Egypt, \\#Ge 45:9-13\\; upon which he expressed the strongest
affection to Benjamin, and to all his brethren, \\#Ge 45:14,15\\; the fame
of this was soon spread in the house of Pharaoh, which gave the king
great pleasure, who immediately expressed his earnest desire that his
father might come and settle in Egypt, and ordered provisions to be
sent him, and carriages to bring him down, and all that belonged to
him, \\#Ge 45:16-20\\; and Joseph accordingly delivered to his brethren
wagons and provisions for the way, and gave gifts to them, and sent a
present to his father, and dismissed his brethren with an exhortation
not to fall out by the way, \\#Ge 45:21-24\\; and when they came to Canaan,
they acquainted their father with all these things, who at first could
not believe them; but when he saw the wagons, his spirit revived, and
determined to go and see his son, \\#Ge 45:25-28\\.