This chapter is of the same argument with the former, and others before
that; setting forth the sins of the ten tribes, and threatening them
with the judgments of God for them; and exhorting them to repentance,
and works of righteousness. They are charged with unfruitfulness and
ingratitude; increasing in idolatry, as they increased in temporal good
things, \\#Ho 10:1\\; with a divided heart, and with irreverence of God, and
their king; and with false swearing, covenant breaking, and injustice,
\\#Ho 10:2-4\\; and are threatened with a removal of their king, and with
the destruction of their idols, and places of idolatry, which should
cause fear in the common people, and mourning among the priests,
\\#Ho 10:1,5-8\\. It is observed, that their sin had been of long
continuance, though the Lord had been kind and good unto them, in
chastising them in love, giving them good laws, sending his prophets to
exhort them to repentance and reformation, but all in vain, \\#Ho 10:9-13\\;
wherefore they are threatened with the spoiling of their fortresses, the
destruction of the people, and the cutting off of their king,
\\#Ho 10:14,15\\.