This chapter concludes the book, with gracious promises to repenting
sinners, to returning backsliders. It begins with an exhortation to
Israel to return to the Lord, seeing he was their God, and they had
fallen by sin from prosperity into adversity, temporal and spiritual,
\\#Ho 14:1\\; and they are directed what to say to the Lord, upon their
return to him, both by way of petition, and of promise and of resolution
how to behave for the future, encouraged by his grace and mercy,
\\#Ho 14:2,3\\; and they are told what the Lord, by way of answer, would say
to them, \\#Ho 14:4\\; and what he would be to them; and what blessings of
grace he would bestow on them; and in what flourishing and fruitful
circumstances they should be, \\#Ho 14:5-8\\; and the chapter ends with a
character of such that attend to and understand those things; and with a
recommendation of the ways of the Lord, which are differently regarded
by men, \\#Ho 14:9\\.