This chapter is an explanation of the former, proceeding upon the same
argument in more express words. The godly Israelites are here called
upon to lay before the body of the people their idolatry, ingratitude,
obstinacy, and ignorance of the God of their mercies; and to exhort them
to repentance, lest they should be stripped of all their good things,
and be brought into great distress and difficulties; all their joy and
comfort cease, and be exposed to shame and contempt, \\#Ho 2:1-13\\, yet,
notwithstanding, many gracious promises are made unto them, of their
having the alluring and comfortable word of the Gospel; of a door of
hope; of salvation being opened to them; of faith in the Lord, and
affection to him as their husband; of the removal of all idolatry from
them; of safety from all enemies; of their open espousal to Christ; of
his hearing of their prayers, and giving them plenty of all good things;
and of their multiplication, conversion, and covenant relation to God,
\\#Ho 2:14-23\\.