This chapter denounces woe to those that trusted in the Egyptians;
assures the Jews of God's care and protection of them; calls them to
repentance, and foretells the destruction of the Assyrian army. The sin
of those that trusted in Egypt, with the reasons of their trust, and
not looking to the Lord, and seeking him, is declared in \\#Isa 31:1\\
and their folly exposed in so doing; since the Lord is wise, powerful,
and unchangeable, and the Egyptians frail and weak; so that the helper
and the helped must fall before him, \\#Isa 31:2,3\\ whereas protection
might be expected from the Lord, as is promised, whose power is like
that of the lion, and whose tender care is like that of birds to defend
their young, \\#Isa 31:4,5\\ wherefore the Jews are called upon to
return to the Lord by repentance, from whom they had revolted; which
would be shown by their detestation of idolatry, the sin they had been
guilty of, \\#Isa 31:6,7\\ and the chapter is closed with a prophecy of
the ruin of the Assyrian army, and the flight of their king,
\\#Isa 31:8,9\\.