In this chapter are contained Hezekiah's message to Isaiah, desiring
his prayer for him and his people, in this time of sore distress,
\\#Isa 37:1-5\\, the comforting and encouraging answer returned by
the prophet to him, \\#Isa 37:6,7\\, the king of Assyria's letter to
Hezekiah, to terrify him into a surrender of the city of Jerusalem to
him, \\#Isa 37:8-13\\ which Hezekiah spread before the Lord, and
prayed unto him for deliverance, \\#Isa 37:14-20\\, upon which he
received a gracious answer by the hand of the prophet, promising
safety and deliverance to him, and destruction to the king of
Assyria, of which a sign was given, \\#Isa 37:21-35\\ and the chapter
is closed with the slaughter of the Assyrian army by an angel, the
flight of the king, and his death by the hands of his sons,
\\#Isa 37:36-38\\.