In this chapter both Christ and the church are introduced speaking, in
their turns. It begins with the words of Christ, describing his work and
office; his qualifications for it; the several parts and branches of it;
and the ends to be answered by it; \\#Isa 61:1-3\\, the reparation of the
church; the feeding it by strangers; its being a holy priesthood; its
enjoying the riches of the Gentiles; its having honour and joy, instead
of shame and confusion; its prosperity in the work of the Lord, and the
continuance of its spiritual offspring among the Gentiles, are
prophesied of in \\#Isa 61:4-9\\, and then the church is represented as
rejoicing in the Lord, on account of her being clothed with his
righteousness, so ornamental to her, \\#Isa 61:10\\ and the chapter is
concluded with a promise of her righteousness and glory appearing before
all the nations of the world; of which the following chapter is an
illustrious prophecy, \\#Isa 61:11\\.