This chapter contains a prophecy of the destruction of Judea by the
king of Babylon; and also of Babylon itself, after the Jews' captivity
of seventy years; and likewise of all the nations round about. The date
of this prophecy is in \\#Jer 25:1\\; when the prophet puts the Jews in
mind of the prophecies that had been delivered unto them by himself and
others, for some years past, without effect, \\#Jer 25:2-7\\; wherefore
they are threatened with the king of Babylon, that he should come
against them, and strip them of all their desirable things; make their
land desolate, and them captives for seventy years, \\#Jer 25:8-11\\; at
the expiration of which he in his turn shall be punished, and the land
of Chaldea laid waste, and become subject to other nations and kings,
\\#Jer 25:12-14\\; and by a cup of wine given to all the nations round
about, is signified the utter ruin of them, and who are particularly
mentioned by name, \\#Jer 25:15-26\\; which is confirmed by beginning with
the city of Jerusalem, and the destruction of that, \\#Jer 25:27-29\\;
wherefore the prophet is bid to prophesy against them, and to declare
the Lord's controversy with them, and that there should be a slaughter
of them from one end of the earth to the other, \\#Jer 25:30-33\\; upon
which the shepherds, kings, and rulers of them, are called to
lamentation and howling, \\#Jer 25:34-38\\.