This chapter is taken up in giving an account of Jeremiah's being cast
into a dungeon; his deliverance from it; and private conversation with
King Zedekiah. The occasion of the prophet's being cast into a dungeon
was his discourse to the people, which four of the princes represented
to the king as seditious, and moved to have him put to death; and,
being delivered into their hands, was put into a miry dungeon,
\\#Jer 38:1-6\\. Ebedmelech, the Ethiopian, hearing of his miserable case,
represented it to the king, and interceded for his release; which being
granted, with the help of thirty men, and by means of old clouts and
rotten rags, let down by cords, drew him up, and placed him in the
court of the prison, \\#Jer 38:7-13\\. King Zedekiah sends for Jeremiah,
and has a private conference with him about the state of affairs; when
the prophet faithfully told him how things would issue, and gave him
his best advice, \\#Jer 38:14-23\\; upon parting, the king desires the
conference might be kept a secret from the princes, which was
accordingly done, \\#Jer 38:24-27\\; and Jeremiah remained in the court of
the prison till the taking of Jerusalem, \\#Jer 38:28\\.