This chapter gives an account of the taking of Jerusalem by the
Chaldeans, according to the several prophecies of Jeremiah concerning
it. The time of taking it, and by whom, after a siege of eighteen
months, \\#Jer 39:1-3\\; several things relating to King Zedekiah; his
flight; the taking of him; the bringing him to the king of Babylon, and
his sentence on him; the execution of that sentence, slaying his sons
and nobles, putting out his eyes, and carrying him in chains to
Babylon, \\#Jer 39:4-7\\; the destruction of the city is described, by
burning the houses in it, breaking down its walls, carrying the people
captive, all, except a few poor persons left in the land, \\#Jer 39:8-10\\;
the preservation of Jeremiah, according to the king of Babylon's orders
by his princes; and the committing him to the care of Gedaliah, the
governor of the poor Jews, \\#Jer 39:11-14\\; and the chapter is concluded
with a promise of the protection of Ebedmelech, made by the Lord before
the taking of the city, while the prophet was in prison; and which, no
doubt, had its accomplishment, \\#Jer 39:15-18\\.