In this chapter the Lord takes up the controversy with Job; calls upon
him to prepare to engage with him in it, and demands an answer to
posing questions he puts to him, concerning the earth and the fabric of
it, \\#Job 38:1-7\\; concerning the sea, compared to an infant in embryo,
at its birth, in its swaddling bands and cradle, \\#Job 38:8-11\\;
concerning the morning light, its spread and influence, \\#Job 38:12-15\\;
concerning the springs of the sea, the dark parts of the earth, the
place both of light and darkness, \\#Job 38:16-21\\; concerning the various
meteors, snow, hail, rain, thunder, lightning, and the influences of
the stars, \\#Job 38:22-38\\; and concerning provision for lions and
ravens, \\#Job 38:40,41\\.