John 11:28

John 11:28

And when she had so said
Had expressed her faith in Christ in such terms, as the apostles themselves did, ( Matthew 16:16 ) ( John 1:49 ) ( 6:69 ) .

She went her way;
from Christ, being ordered by him to go to her sister Mary, and fetch her to him:

and called Mary her sister secretly;
either beckoned her to come to her, or whispered her in the ear privately, as Nonnus paraphrases it, that the Jews, who were enemies to Christ, might not hear:

saying, the master is come;
near the town; is not a great way off: she might use the phrase, "the master", for greater privacy, that should she be overheard, it would not be who she meant; and because it was an usual appellation by which Christ was called in that family, and by which he was well known; and was expressive of honour to him, and subjection in them as his disciples:

and calleth for thee;
to come to him; Christ asked after her, desired to see her, and ordered her to come to him; which was an instance of his respect for her.