This chapter contains the prayer of Jonah, when in the fish's belly;
the time when he prayed, the person he prayed unto, and the place
where, are suggested in \\#Jon 2:1\\; and the latter described as a place
of great straitness and distress, and even as hell itself, \\#Jon 2:2\\;
The condition he was in, when cast into the sea, and when in the belly
of the fish, which is observed, the more to heighten the greatness of
the deliverance, \\#Jon 2:3-6\\. The different frame of mind he was in,
sometimes almost in despair, and ready to faint; and presently
exercising faith and hope, remembering the goodness of the Lord, and
resolving to look again to him, \\#Jon 2:4,7\\. The gracious regards of
God to him, in receiving, hearing, and answering his prayer, and
bringing up his life from corruption, \\#Jon 2:2,6,7\\. His resolution,
let others do what they would, to praise the Lord, and give him the
glory of his salvation, \\#Jon 2:8,9\\; and the chapter is concluded with
the order for his deliverance, and the manner of it, \\#Jon 2:10\\.