In this chapter Joshua is informed by the Lord, or put in mind, that
part of the land of Canaan remained unconquered, and which it was; and
is directed to divide the whole land among the nine tribes, and the
half tribe of Manasseh, \\#Jos 13:1-9\\; and since the two tribes of Reuben
and Gad, and the other half tribe of Manasseh, had received their
inheritance on the other side Jordan, \\#Jos 13:8\\; that is described in
general, \\#Jos 13:9-14\\; and, then the particular portion of Reuben,
\\#Jos 13:15-23\\; and of Gad, \\#Jos 13:24-28\\; and of the half tribe of
Manasseh, \\#Jos 13:29-33\\.