Joshua 14:4

Joshua 14:4

For the children of Joseph were two tribes, Manasseh and
For the birthright being forfeited by Reuben, was given to Joseph, who had the double portion, the privilege of the firstborn; by which means the number of the twelve tribes was kept up in the division of the land, though that of Levi had no share in it; and which is also a reason why they had none, that Joseph's two sons might be reckoned two tribes:

therefore they gave no part unto the Levites in the land;
to make way for the sons of Joseph to have the double portion:

save cities to dwell [in];
and that only, for they might not sell them, as other Israelites could theirs:

with their suburbs, for their cattle, and for their substance;
the Targum is,

``for all their beasts, and for their cattle;''

that is, for convenient places to put them into, and for pasturage for, them; which Kimchi and Ben Melech interpret of their larger and lesser cattle, their herds and their flocks, their oxen and sheep.