Joshua 17:7

Joshua 17:7

And the coast of Manasseh was from Asher
Not from the border of the tribe of Asher, as Kimchi, in which he is followed by Vatablus; for that was at too great a distance; but a city of the tribe of Manasseh; and in Jerom's F12 time a village of this name was shown fifteen miles from Neapolis or Shechem, as you go from thence to Scythopolis, near the public road:

to Michmethah, that [lieth] before Shechem;
the same place mentioned in the description of the border of Ephraim, (See Gill on Joshua 16:6):

and the border went along on the right hand, unto the inhabitants of
that is, leaving this place, and its inhabitants to the right, which was a place in the land of that name, next mentioned; and seems to be so called from a fountain in it, or near it, as well as from a multitude of apples growing there, and with which perhaps the country abounded, of which in ( Joshua 17:8 ) .


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