Joshua 21:37

Joshua 21:37

Kedemoth with her suburbs
Near to which was a wilderness of that name; see ( Deuteronomy 2:26 ) ;

and Mephaath with her suburbs; of which (See Gill on Joshua 13:18); where the two preceding cities are mentioned along with it:

four cities,
( Joshua 21:35 Joshua 21:36 ) , are not in some ancient copies of the Hebrew Bible, as is noted by the Masorites; but are in some others, as Kimchi owns, and stand in the Targum, in the Septuagint, Syriac, and Arabic versions, and in a manuscript referred to by Hottinger F5; and the same words are to be, found in ( 1 Chronicles 6:78 1 Chronicles 6:79 ) , and are absolutely necessary to be retained, since without them there would be but eight cities for the Merarites, whereas they are expressly said to be twelve, ( Joshua 21:40 ) .


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