Joshua 23:1

Joshua 23:1

And it came to pass a long time after
Or "after many days" F15, that is, years:

that the Lord had given rest unto Israel from all their enemies round
the greatest part of the land of Canaan was subdued, the whole divided by lot to the tribes of Israel, and they quietly settled in the respective portions assigned them, the Canaanites that remained giving them no disturbance, in which state of rest and peace they had now been for some years; and this may be reasonably supposed to be the last year of the life of Joshua, see ( Joshua 23:14 ) .

that Joshua waxed old [and] stricken in age;
and became feeble and decrepit, and greatly declined; for though he was ten years younger than Moses when he died, yet not so vigorous, strong, and robust as he, but was pressed and bore down with the infirmities of age.


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