Joshua removed from Shittim to Jordan, where he stayed three days,
\\#Jos 3:1,2\\; the people are directed to move when they saw the ark bore
by the priests, and what distance they should keep from it, \\#Jos 3:3,4\\;
are bid to sanctify themselves against the morrow, when wonders would
be wrought, \\#Jos 3:5\\; and the priests are ordered to take up the
ark, \\#Jos 3:6\\; Joshua is encouraged by the Lord, and instructed to
command the priests when they come to Jordan to stand still in it,
\\#Jos 3:7,8\\; and he declares to all the people, as a token that God
would drive the Canaanites from before them, that as soon as the feet
of the priests bearing the ark should rest in the waters of Jordan,
they should be parted, and make way for them to pass through,
\\#Jos 3:9-13\\; which accordingly came to pass, so that all the
Israelites passed over on dry ground, \\#Jos 3:14-17\\.