This chapter gives an account of the combination of the several kings
of Canaan against Israel, \\#Jos 9:1,2\\; and of the craftiness of the
Gibeonites, pretending they were ambassadors from a far country, and
desired to enter into a league with Israel, which they obtained,
\\#Jos 9:3-15\\; but when it was discovered who they were, it occasioned
a murmuring among the people, \\#Jos 9:16-18\\; which the princes quelled
by proposing to make them hewers of wood, and drawers of water,
\\#Jos 9:19-21\\; in order to which Joshua summoned them before him, and
chided them for beguiling them; and after they had made their excuse,
he ordered them to the service the princes proposed, and so peace in
the congregation of Israel was preserved, \\#Jos 9:21-27\\.